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North Carolina is a state that is growing fast, and the roadside attractions on offer here are following suite and multiplying as well. With this increase in numbers comes more attractions contesting for the title of “World’s Biggest”, while come are just content to remain just plain strange.

So come along for the ride as we uncover some of the biggest and strangest things on offer in the great state of North Carolina.

1. World’s Largest Chest of Drawers: High Point, North Carolina

High Point has taken the lead in the “world’s biggest furniture” battle, boasting two giant chests of drawers. The largest of these stands at an impressive 80-foot tall, dwarfing its little sister on the other side of town, which comes complete with socks and all.

2. World’s Largest 10 Commandments: Murphy, North Carolina

Never before has the presence of God felt so big than at North Carolina’s World’s Largest 10 Commandments.

This 300-foot tableau rests on the side of a mountain in one of the state’s most obscure western corners, and is accompanied by a Prayer Mountain and a replica tomb of Jesus, from which you can roll the stone away, literally.

3. Shell Shaped Gas Station: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Winston-Salem’s shell-shaped gas station is the last of its kind and stands proud on the roadside just a little north of Interstate 40.

This clamshell structure has been preserved and given a whole new burst of life with a fresh coat of paint making it the ideal background for a tourist photograph.

4. World’s Oldest Coffee Pot: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Coffee is something very close to the hearts of many Americans so it should come as no surprise that many towns across the states have put these feelings into large tin structures.

Old Salem is home to the oldest of these, boasting a shiny metal vessel that has been standing proud since 1860. Pose for a photo with the 12-foot shiny metal structure, if only to prove you’ve been to the world’s oldest coffee pot.

5. Belhaven Memorial Museum: Belhaven, North Carolina

If the sight of some of the things in this museum isn’t enough to make you sick to the stomach, you may very well have a stomach of steel!

The Belhaven Memorial Museum houses the knick knacks of a 92 year old woman who didn’t have the heart to throw anything away. And when we say, anything, we mean EVRYTHING.

From one-eyed fetal pigs and two-headed kittens, to stuffed snakes and 30-year-old jars of chicken fat, this museum gives a whole new meaning to the word wacky!


Been to North Carolina lately and discovered any other strange things. Let us know about them in the comments below.

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Home to everyone’s favorite kind of deep-fried chicken, Kentucky is a southern state that has enough strange roadside attractions to, well, fill a bucket!

So join us as we twister our way through the land of Colonel Sanders and uncover the weirdest and wackiest attractions on offer here.

1. Mammoth Cave Wax Museum: Cave City, Kentucky

These days wax replicas have taken on a whole new meaning, with some so realistic, it’s hard to tell between the wax figure and the real person. However, due to the age of the Mammoth Cave Wax Museum, many of the figures aren’t quite as realistic as one would expect.

From Martin Luther King and Mark Twain, to the cast of Baywatch and Elvis, Mammoth Cave boasts everyone significant to both the Hollywood and History worlds.

2. The First KFC: Corbin, Kentucky

This is where the junk food craze that was to take the nation, and inevitably the world by storm, began. Experience the original recipe in its original setting…fortunately though, you won’t be offered the original chicken!

3. World’s Largest Bat: Louisville, Kentucky

The search for “world’s biggest things” was met with another entry in the country town of Louisville, Kentucky, when we stumbled across a giant baseball bat. In fact, it weighs in at an impressive 34 tons to be exact.

The bat appears to wreck havoc right across town, with a 3D painting of the ball smashing into a window of the local glass shop, and a leathery bat also found at the nearby costume shop.

4. Vent Haven: Ventriloquist Museum: Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

Ventriloquism is something that has intrigued the public for many years, and as fascinating as it may be, many of us are still wary of just what these “dummies” can do.

This museum really puts you right in the thick of it, as you walk through endless rooms of silently grinning dolls, it’s hard not to get a slight feeling of the “heebie-jeebies” and wonder just what’s going on in their little wooden heads.

5. Answers in Genesis Creation Museum: Petersburg, Kentucky

Offering some sort of answer to the age old debate between Evolution and Creationism, the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum is an attraction that is guaranteed to surprise even the most skeptical among us.

From dinosaurs and cave men, to Damnation Alley and the Garden on Eden, this museum has it all, leaving no stone unturned and no myth left without an attempted answer.


Think there’s more to fill the bucket? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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Georgia is a fantastic place to visit for those who can’t manage to get to the “real” attractions…and I mean this in the most affectionate way possible. Georgia is a state that takes its nationalism and patriotism seriously. It is also a state that is hung up on “big attractions” and strange roadside attractions that never seem to fail at attracting the oddest of visitors.

So come on a Jurnii with us as we venture towards the coast through the surprising state of Georgia.

1. Lunchbox Museum: Columbus, Georgia

Inspired by the lunchtime memories of the years before the 1980’s, the Lunchbox Museum offers an extensive collection of America’s most beloved lunchtime metal pales.

The boxes have strategically been placed in alphabetical order allowing visitors to embark on a journey through their favorite cartoon covered pales, or to simply skip to the one that they loved the most.

From Adam 12 to Yoda, this museum seemingly has it all.

2. Babyland General Hospital: Cleveland, Georgia

For anyone born around the 1980’s, a journey to the Babyland General Hospital of Cleveland will bring back the fondest memories and introduce new ones to the next generation’s culture.

Cleveland is the birth town of the Cabbage Patch Kids, and the Babyland hospital here pays tribute to this phenomenon like no other institution could.

See the birth of these iconic dolls and experience the opportunity to nurture them into this world and even take one home with you.

3. Little Grand Canyon of Georgia: Lumpkin, Georgia

The Grand Canyon of Arizona is a place every true American should visit at least once in a lifetime. However, if you can’t manage to make it to the real thing, the Little Grand Canyon of Georgia shall nicely suffice.

Now we’re not claiming that it is anywhere close to being as remarkable, spectacular and awe-inspiring as the real thing, yet it is still aesthetically pleasing in its own right.

The area covers a total area of 1,108 acres and boasts an impressive 15 canyons, but sadly only reaches 1/30th of the depth of the true Grand Canyon.

4. Statue of Liberty Replica: McRae, Georgia

Once again, this attraction is ideal for those who can’t actually make it to the real thing.

Constructed entirely just by looking at photographs of the New York version, this replica of the Statue of Liberty is scaled to 1/12 of the actual Miss Liberty and is particularly beautiful at night under the carefully placed glowing lights.

5. The Georgia Guidestones: Nuberg, Georgia

Regarded as southern America’s answer to Stonehenge, the Georgia Guidestones may not be quite as visually breathtaking, but they do inspire some sense of awe.

Standing strong since 1930, the granite formations stand an impressive 19-foot tall each and are engraved with messages in a total of eight different languages.

Nobody really seems to know what they mean and why they are there, but nevertheless, they are still quite a fascinating attraction to visit if you can’t get to the real thing.


Are you a fan of replicas and know of any more that can be found in Georgia? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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