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Here at Jurnii we like our things odd. In fact, we have dedicated an entire series of blogs to the weirdest, wackiest and most wonderful attractions of the US.

Now, we’ve taken it one step further and have branched out to strange festivals. Sure, attractions are nice and interesting to look at, but a festival allows you to immerse yourself in the weird and wacky and make your strangest fantasies a reality.

So why not take a look at our brand new guide to America’s Oddest Festivals? But in the meantime, here’s a taste of what you can expect:

Fruitcake Toss

Not a fan of fruitcake? Well there’s no better way to get rid of it than at the annual Fruitcake Toss festival in Manitou Springs. Either throw or catapult the damn thing as far as you can, before checking out the art show or taking part in a relay.

International Rotten Sneaker Contest

Definitely one of America’s more strange festivals, the Rotten Sneaker Contest allows participants to content for the smelliest shoes, with the winner having their prized possessions placed in the prestigious “Hall of Fume”.

Interstate Mullet Toss

If you get your kicks throwing fish around, boy is this festival perfect for you. Competition heats up every year in April, where the person who can throw a one-and-a-half-pound fish the furthest, wins the title of the day!

World Cow Chip Throwing Contest

Cow chip throwing is a popular past time throughout the state of Oklahoma but the concentration of experts can be found within the town of Beaver. The stories you will hear are all true, so when you visit be prepared to duck to avoid the need for facial reconstruction.

Pillow Fighting World Championships

While it may not be your traditional pillow fighting, it’s still a hell of a lot of fun. This festival is all about getting dirty…literally. Throw in some pillows, good food and hilarious entertainment and you’ve got yourself one festival you really don’t want to miss.

- Chrissy

Intrigued? Check out Jurnii’s guide to America’s Oddest Festivals to find out more!

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Maryland is a unique state, offering a handful of attractions seemingly everywhere you turn. While many of they seem perfectly normal, a small collection of them are a little on the strange side.

Want to find out what one’s we’re talking about? Read on to find out more.

1. Geppi’s Entertainment Museum: Baltimore, Maryland

Comic book fans will go nuts at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum; a big kid’s paradise.

The heart of the museum is the shrine of comic books “A Story in Four Colors”, which showcases pristine copies of some of America’s most loved comic books. Other highlights include the showcased box of Mr. T Cereal and a battery powered Great Garloo.

2. National Museum of Dentistry:  Baltimore, Maryland

A visit to the dentist generally isn’t a pleasant experience however the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore may be the exception to this rule.

Learn about the development of drills and the evolution of extraction instruments, before inspecting the dentures of George Washington and the regal set of picks and tooth scrapers used by Queen Victoria. It’s sure to bring a toothy grin to your face!

3. National Great Blacks in Wax Museum: Baltimore, Maryland

This museum is practically overflowing with Great Blacks such as Frederick Douglass, Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King, with many more planned for the future.

Each exhibit tells its own unique and individual story, providing visitors with a informative look into America’s rich past.

4. Army Ordnance Museum: Aberdeen, Maryland

Calling all big kids! The Army Ordnance Museum is a playground for those who love rockets, tanks and bombs; and the great news is, is that there are a whole 25 acres full of them.

The entrance to the museum is guarded by 30-foot-tall bomb, which gives just a slight indication of what is to follow.

5. National Vigilance Park: Fort Meade, Maryland

Keeping with the theme of aircraft and bombs, the National Vigilance Park in Fort Meade is also guaranteed to be a hit with the big kids among us.

The centerpiece of the park if the C-130 aircraft, which encompasses everything this park is about.

- Chrissy

Visited Maryland lately and come across any other strange attractions? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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West Virginia is noted for its mountains and diverse topography, but what it really should be known for is its wacky roadside attractions.

From what we have seen, it seems to have a bit of a thing for what lies underground, with secret caves and mystery holes frequenting several of the towns.

So what’s so fascinating about these kinds of attractions? Read on to find out more!

1. Mystery Hole: Ansted, West Virginia

While you may be a bit hesitant to enter a “mystery hole”, don’t be alarmed; this attraction isn’t really all that mysterious. The exterior is actually rather tacky, making this attraction the perfect addition to the theme of “America the Strange”.

We can’t actually share what’s in the mystery hole, so you’re just going to have to go check it out for yourselves.

2. World’s Largest Teapot: Chester, West Virginia

It seems every state across the nation seems to have some “World’s Biggest” whatever, and West Virginia is no exception.

Enjoy a roadside cup of tea at, yep you guessed it, the “World’s Largest Teapot”. Measuring in at 12 feet high and 44 feet wide, this is one afternoon tea that without a doubt will stretch into the night.

3. John Brown Wax Museum: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Some say John Brown works better as a house-of-horrors wax museum, and after visiting this place, we would have to agree.

This museum tells John Brown’s life story, beginning in his childhood and ending with a scene of his execution by hanging. The museum is slightly morbid, but definitely with the entrance fee.

4. Lost World Caverns: Lewisburg, West Virginia

These lost caverns were made famous back in 1992 when claims of a “Bat Boy” living in these caves hit the tabloids. The large-eyed, fanged human child was said to have been raised by the bats in the cave that measures over a thousand feet long, and reaches 10 stories high.

Take a tour down under and then head up to the surface to explore the adjacent Natural History Museum, another great local attraction.

5. West Virginia State Farm Museum: Point Pleasant, West Virginia

This farm museum is home to many attractions you wouldn’t quite expect from an attraction of this kind. The highlight is without a doubt the “World’s Largest Stuffed Horse”, valued at an impressive $25,000 and attracting keen horse lovers from across the nation.

The rest is rather typical of an American farm with a log cabin, old school house, doctor’s office, blacksmith shop, barber’s house and post shop adding to the authenticity of the place.

- Chrissy

Know of any other odd attractions in West Virginia? Let us know about them in the comments below.

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