Frequently Asked Questions

This page aims to help answer your questions immediately as email replies may take up to 24hrs or longer over weekends. You are able to obtain an instant quote and booking opportunity from our website.

If the question you have is not answered by the FAQ then please send the reservations department an email from our contact us page.

No, you do not need a credit card to make your booking online with Jurnii Car Rentals, however you will need a credit card to pay the rental on pick up and to provide a security bond. Full payment is made at the depot upon collection of the vehicle. If you personally do not have a credit card but can get someone to go to the depot to pick up the car that does have a credit card, they can be the main driver and you can sign as an additional driver. Or you can get someone to go into a branch somewhere near them and do an authority to charge their card. The credit card holder must also have a valid non provisional driver's license in English.

Refer to - What driver's license requirement do you need?

A minimum age of 21 years at the time of pickup applies to most companies, however the vehicle type is limited. Drivers under 25 will incur a daily surcharge and in some cases you will not be permitted to reduce your excess if you are under 23.

Hertz, for example, do not allow anyone under 25 to hire any of their vehicles, but the system will display the available companies based on the age selected on the front screen and all will display their surcharge in the quote on step 3.

Drivers over 75 years are permitted as long as a full non provisional drivers licence is held. Hertz will require a doctors certificate to be presented at the depot upon collection advising that the hirer is fit to drive.

Yes, you need to cancel any booking prior to pick up or you will be charged a cancellation fee. So even if it is on the day of pickup it's ok to cancel.

The company you hire from will charge an administration fee on top of the fine or they may supply your information to law enforcement agencies, who will in turn issue a fine to your postal address, and they will still charge a service fee.

We advise if you live overseas that you pay any fines you receive before leaving the country (if you are aware of them). Failure to pay fines received may result in refusal of a hire car, refusal of entry or cancellation of a visa on a return visit.

Budget cannot accommodate seats for newborns, only forward facing seats suitable for 6 months upwards. The other car companies can provide rear facing seats.

Yes, just enter your rental details on the home page. Rates are automatically and instantly calculated for all car hire companies and will include any applicable one way surcharges, age surcharges and airport taxes for that particular depot.

Your voucher can be viewed by clicking the "retrieve voucher" link in the left menu and entering either your confirmation number or your email address. If your email address is correct then a list of your bookings will be displayed and you may select the one that is relevant to you. If your confirmation number is correct your voucher will be displayed automatically.

Yes, on the top menu bar, "Car Models" you can click different categories to see full range of vehicles offered by all the car rental companies.

No, there is no further discount, the rates shown on this website are already discounted web rates.

Yes, you can reduce your excess or liability in case of an accident when you pickup your vehicle at the depot. There is no need to advise us at this stage.

The driver must carry a valid non provisional driver's license from their home country. If this license is not in English is must be accompanied by a valid International Drivers Permit (IDP). You must present the original for both documents i.e. cannot be a photocopy.