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Grand Canyon - RV Rental

The Grand Canyon is often referred to as one of the world's greatest natural wonders and once you have visited, it is easy to see why. This steep-sided gorge spans a breathtaking 277 miles long and boasts a dramatic depth of 1 mile.

Situated within the Grand Canyon National Park, it is a destination everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime.

The Grand Canyon National Park is a popular destination for RV rental vacationers, and it is easy to see why. An RV rental will give you the freedom of time to explore this remarkable natural attraction, and there are several great places available in the park for RV camping.

To find out more on why you should take an RV rental vacation in the Grand Canyon National Park, check out our RV Guide.

So book your RV rental today and start discovering the Grand Canyon National Park.

Map of Grand Canyon
Distances from Cities (miles)
Las Vegas 275
Salt Lake City 518
Denver 682
Best Time to Visit
The South Rim: Open All Year, The North Rim: Mid-May to Mid-October
Things to See and Do
The Grand Canyon, Bird and wildlife watching, Hiking
Mather Camp (928) 20638-7888
Trailer Village (928) 20638-7888
Desert View First in, First Serve
Grand Canyon Village (928)638-2887
Ten-X Camp (928)20638-2443
North Rim (928)20638-7888