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RV Rental in Big Sur

Jurnii RV Rentals offers expert, honest, and friendly advice on booking your RV rental in Big Sur.

Big Sur - RV Rental

Big Sur is a popular destination on the central California coast that rises majestically from the Pacific Ocean. The terrain offers stunning views of the magnificent coastline, which is characterized by its dramatic cliff faces and impressive swells.

The northern end of Big Sur is located just 120 miles south of San Francisco, making it the perfect destination for an RV rental vacation. There is also a wide range of RV camp grounds available, making an RV the most suitable option available.

A campervan rental vacation truly is the best way to discover the untouched beauty of Big Sur and to find out all there is to know about RV rentals check out our RV Guide.

So book your RV rental today and start discovering the wonder of Big Sur.

Map of Big Sur
Distances from Cities (miles)
San Francisco 180
Los Angeles 350
Best Time to Visit
Big Sur can be visited all year round, there is always something spectacular to see.
Things to See and Do
Hiking, Fishing and Scenic Driving are just a few of the popular activities
Big Sur (831) 667-2322
Coast Ridge (831) 667-2130
Riverside (831) 667-2414
Fernwood (831) 667-2422
Pfeiffer Park (831) 20667-2315
Kirk Creek (805) 20434-1996
Plaskett (805) 434-1996