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Luxe RV

About Luxe RV

Luxe RV started in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA. Due to a hight demand of luxurious and efficient RVs, Luxe RV was born to fill the needs of campers and especially young families that are looking for a new way of RVing in style.

Depot Locations

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Orange County
  • San Diego

Stand Out Features

Luxe RV offers Free delivery. Free airport pick up and drop off Renting anywhere in California. Organic products. Internet included. 5 star customer service along unique and luxurious RVs

Vehicle Age

Under 1 Years

Luxe Prism

luxe camper vans luxe campervans

Luxe Serenity

luxe camper vans luxe campervans