Adjusting to the Temperature in your RV

No matter what season you travel during in your RV rental, there are ways to make your RV the right temperature for you. Summer holidays are great if you love the beach, bush walking and getting out in the great outdoors, while traveling during winter is a popular option for those who love to snuggle up to the heater and read a good book at night.

Staying Cool in Summer

  • Most rental RVs come with an air conditioner installed, and this will come in EXTREMELY handy on those long hot summer days.
  • Strategically park your motorhome rental so that it is positioned in the shade. This should help your refridgerator and air conditioner keep cool.
  • Use your main awning and window awnings to assist in keeping the RV cool. In addition to this, use the curtains and blinds to keep the sun out.
  • Take a couple of small fans with you as this will allow air to circulate through your van.
  • Keep the windows open while you are in the van and the air conditioning is not on. This will allow for a proper circulation of air through the van.

Keeping Warm in Winter

  • Winterize your RV if you are travelling in cold temperatures.
  • Take along plenty of extra blankets
  • Turn the heater on.
  • Pack plenty of warm clothes, socks and slippers.
  • If your campgrounds allow it, start up a campfire and toast some marshmallows.