Environmentally Friendly RV's - Get Green and Get Moving

Climate change has fast become a hot issue across the world and its effects can be seen to have an impact on everyone. While everyone is doing their little bit to be just that little more environmentally friendly, the big changes still need to be made to ensure the safety of our planet for future generations.

Everyone can do their own little bit, whether it be recycling, switching off the beer fridge, or turning off the lights when not in use. Another great way we can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions is by making our vehicles more environmentally friendly, in particular, our RVs. Ensuring your RV rental is being friendly to the environment only requires a few simple steps:

Electrical Power

Convert the electrical power in your campervan rental to something more energy efficient by having solar panels installed. The power of the sun can give your RV enough energy for your computers and appliances, which may negate the need to plug your RV into a grid.


Switching to a more eco-friendly fuel will reduce your carbon emissions and allow you to get more miles for your dollar. If possible, see if you can get a hold of non-food based tallow biodiesel, second generation biomass, and other non-food based bio fuel. However, if you cannot get a hold of these fuels, stick to straight, ultra low sulfur diesel.

Main Cabin

If you own your own RV and are thinking of doing a little renovating, there are a few things you can do to ensure you are as environmentally friendly as possible. Start by avoiding the use of compound paint and while getting water devices installed in the kitchen sink, shower and toilet, ensure they are low-flow so that no water is wasted.


Composting toilets are an ideal option if you are travelling to places where you cannot connect to sewer or septic, or in areas prone to drought. These toilets use significantly less water than traditional systems and some use none at all. Installing one of these will mean you don't have to worry about pump outs and at the same time you are reducing your pollution quotient significantly.

By making these few simple changes to your RV you can ensure a more eco-friendly vehicle, while also making sure you continue to play your role in helping slow the process of climate change.