RV Boondocking Tips

Forget your traditional RV parks that will make you park within touching distance of your neighbors. A new craze has taken over the RV rental world that allows you to venture off the beaten track and discover some of the country's best kept secrets. It's called BOONDOCKING!

Boondocking is defined as camping in remote areas, such as the deep woods or desert locations, without power, sewer or water hook-ups. This of course requires you to have an RV that features a toilet and shower, unless you are particularly keen to rough it. However, if you have any of these features, boondocking could be just the thing you have been searching for in a vacation.

Boondocking gives you the option of venturing off the beaten track and basically going anywhere you like. Ever been to a National Park and wanted to stay forever? Well this will bring you closer to that dream and make it a reality. There are thousands of hidden campgrounds within the country's National Parks, forests and deserts, and all of them seem to be begging to be explored.

However, while it may sound like all you have to do is find a campground and set up for the night, there are a couple of things to prepare for and keep in mind before you venture too far.


This is perhaps the most important thing you will need while you are boondocking. Since you won't have power hookups, there really is only one other option; solar power. Ensure your campervan rental is fitted with solar panels, as these will provide you with all the power you will need.

Your generator will also provide you with some of the power you will need, especially for the air conditioner and microwave. However, these can be rather noisy and will ruin the peace and serenity of your surroundings.


Water always has been and always will be a necessity in life. Carrying water on your RV is a must, because even though it will weigh your RV down, you never know when you are going to need it.

Where to Boondock?

There are a whole bunch of places across the US that are suitable for boondocking. While you are travelling through cities, you have the option of parking in front or a Wal-Mart or K-Mart store or you can pull up at a truck stop for the night. Roadside rest areas are also good places to stop for the night. They usually have clean restrooms and water on site, offering a break from your RV bathroom.

Boondocking out in nature is the preferred option, and there are a vast amount of places to do it in the US. There are many areas in the desert which offer scenic and peaceful surrounds, while national forest lands provide a cooler and shadier area to camp. Some places do require a permit, especially if you are planning on an extended, so it's best to get in contact with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) before you head off.

If you plan ahead and do it right, boondocking will be an experience that cannot be topped. It gives you more freedom and choice than you could have imagined and will entice you so much you may never want to give it up!