RV Entertainment for the Kids

Family holidays offer memorable experiences no matter how old you or the kids are. Travelling with your family can be a fun and exciting experience as it allows you to discover new things and be adventurous together.

Hiring an RV rental with the family is a BIG decision as it can really test your patience with each other. One of the main deciding factors is deciding whether your kids will be able to handle the constant driving.

Keeping the kids entertained on the journey will be your biggest hurdle as avoiding the endless questions of "are we there yet?", will become your top priority. However, keeping the kids amused can turn out to be easier than you think, by keeping these few simple tips and ideas in mind:

  • Ensure you have plenty of snacks and drinks on board. This will distract the kids and prevent you from spending unnecessary money on food.
  • Make sure that when you hire your motorhome rental you request a TV and DVD player to be included. This will keep the kids entertained for hours while you are driving.
  • Make sure you have paper, crayons, books, toys and children's music on board.
  • Bring a map, as this will allow the kids to see where you are headed, while at the same time teaching them useful navigational skills.
  • Bring a scrapbook for your holiday and get your kids to start working on it straight away.
  • Make a trip to your local $1 shop and pick up a few new toys for the kids. Give these to them on the trip and they will think it is Christmas.
  • Play a game of I-Spy. It's an old favourite and still a winner.
  • Bring along a family favourite CD and get the whole family to join in singing along.
  • Bring along the kids' hand-held gaming devices. However, once you reach your destination take them away from them so you don't lose any more valuable time bonding with them.
  • Involve the kids in cooking family meals