RV in Sonoma County - California's Wine Country

Unwind in Sonoma County where you will find a dynamic wine region of pleasant contrasts between countryside and coast. Enjoy the distinct blends of lifestyle options that can be found just 30 miles north of the city of San Francisco, and discover exactly what it is about Sonoma that makes it so magical.

Sonoma County is home to over 200 award-winning wineries, which are pleasantly contrasted against a backdrop of scenic coastlines and beaches, untouched forests and unforgettable landscapes. Regarded as one of California's largest producers of wine grapes, the wineries on offer here are unsurpassed, offering some of the nation's finest wines.

The area is also blessed with an amazing diversity of foods and produce, which largely owes to the remarkable geography and climate of Sonoma. The climate here is largely influenced by maritime variations and visitors can expect cool nights and pleasant days.

The geography here is mostly composed of vineyard settings, which are bounded by the Pacific Ocean and mountain ranges. There is also a pleasant balance of redwood forests, viticulture and orchards, creating an overall beautiful and awe-inspiring atmosphere.

Aside from the wineries, Sonoma County is also known for its impressive array of outdoor activities. Whether its enjoying the view from a hot air balloon or absorbing the natural beauty of the forests on horse back, there seems to be someone on offer for everyone.

Adrenaline seekers can partake in activities like kayaking, canoeing, skating or on the race track. For those more laid back, but wanting to head outdoors, hiking is an extremely popular option. Explore the history sites, trek into the depths of the forest or simply take a stroll along one of the pristine beaches.

The options for RV rental campers in Sonoma County are endless, with many RV parks suitable for all kinds of holiday goers. The Wine Country RV Park in Sonoma Grove is a great place to stay and is located just off Highway 101. This park is conveniently located near many of Sonoma's fantastic attractions and is suitable for big rigs and small RVs alike.

California's Sonoma County is an ideal vacation destination all year round, offering stunning scenery that spans both the coastline and the inland forests. Whether its to explore the endless wineries that can be found here, or simply to get back in touch with nature, Sonoma is sure not to disappoint.