7 Must-Visit West Coast Beaches

The West Coast of the United States is home to some of the country's most beautiful and most visited beaches.

From the beaches resting on the Canadian border, to the sun drenched sands of Southern California, this coastline is truly blessed with beauty and magic.

The best beaches on the West Coast include:

1. Santa Monica Beach, California

Famous for the Santa Monica Pier and the world's only solar powered Ferris wheel, Santa Monica Beach is the ideal destination for fun in the sun.

Not only is it surrounded by world-class attractions, a Mecca of shops and cafes and some incredibly beautiful historic buildings, but the beach isn't too bad either.

The calm blue waters are ideal to swim in for the entire family and the sunsets here will without a doubt take your breath away.

2. Ocean Beach, California

Ocean Beach is a prominent part of the San Diego lifestyle and home to sun baking, surfing, shopping, fishing and seaside walks.

While Ocean Beach is not as commericial as its rivals, Pacific Beach and Mission Beach, it never fails to draw in the crowds, who are all keen to enjoy the highly frequented pier and soft sandy beach at sunset.

3. Venice City Beach, California

Although one of the most commericialized beaches in the county, Venice City Beach remains a beauty to behold and one definitely worth the crowds to visit.

Making an appearance in many Hollywood Films, this beach lives up to the hype both on and off the sand. The waters are crystal blue and the sands a crispy white, while the quirky seaside shops never fail to disappoint.

4. Cannon Beach, Oregon

This beautiful Oregon town is home to one of the most breathtaking beaches one may ever lay eyes on. Characterized by the jagged rock mounds that arise from the water's surface, this beach is a postcard sight, offering something that not many American beaches can.

While the weather in Oregon doesn't permit swimming all year round, the beach is still perfect for a sunset stroll or moonlight rendezvous for a romantic couple.

5. Gold Beach, Oregon

Home to more sun than any coastal town in Oregon and Washington, Gold Beach certainly lives up to its name, shining through as one of Oregon's best beaches.

Sharing similar features of Cannon Beach, Gold Beach also boasts stunning rocky settings, set in turquoise waters and cool, calming waves.

Leading into a river that is popular with speed boats, this destination is a must for lovers of fun, beauty and adventure.

6. Alki Beach, Washington

Alki Beach in Seattle is the closest the State of Washington comes to a California-style beach. Accompanied by a 2.5 miles long pedestrian walkway, this beach is ideal for runners, roller skaters or those just keen for a long stroll.

Relax in the calm refreshing waters as you take in the sights of the Seattle skyline and enjoy the hub of activity that frequents this area.

7. Long Beach, Washington

Located in the most south-western part of the state, Long Beach is nestled on the peninsula of the same name and is a naturally beautiful beach, untouched by the claws of commercialism and development.

The nearby township is similar to your typical seaside village, offering a healthy range of shops and cafes, sure to please after exploration of this remarkable beach.