Best Places to Boondock on the West Coast

Boondocking is a fantastic way to experience the west coast states of the US. While it isn't something you will want to be doing for the entirety of your vacation, it is a great way to see remote parts of the country. And the best part is, is that it is absolutely free.

Some of the best places to boondock in your RV rental on the West Coast include:


Highway 24 Rest Area (near Columbia River)

This rest area by "Vernita Bridge" is a popular spot, offering shady trees and more amenities than most boondocking grounds usually do.

Location: Desert Aire, Washington
Amenities: Water, Dump Stations, Restrooms

Clark's Dismal Nitch

Offering a great view of Four Mile Bridge and nestled on the banks of the Columbia River, this camp ground also offers clean facilities and an undisturbed peace that can't help but be appreciated.

Location: Megler, Washington
Amenities: Water, Restrooms

Little Goose Dam

Positioned on the edge of the dam, this campground will give you easy access to toilets, picnic tables, a paved boat launch and a lighted area at night. What more could a boondocker ask for?

Location: Starbuck, Washington
Amenities: Restrooms


Bear Creek Campground

Nestled on the banks of Bear Creek, this campground is lovely and quiet, with access to water sure to be an added bonus.

Location: Camias Valley, Oregon
Amenities: Water, Restrooms

Vincent Creek Campground

Positioned in a beautiful forest setting, with a lovely little creek nearby, this place is relatively easy to access and offers some amazing scenic views.

Location: Gardiner, Oregon
Amenities: Restrooms


Los Banos Wildlife Area

Home to an immense variety of local wildlife, this lovely camp ground is the perfect spot for water side camping and wildlife exploration.

Location: Los Banos, California
Amenities: Restrooms

Robinson Flat

Located within the remote Tahoe National Forest, this campsite will be a hit with those who love to be right in the thick of nature.

Location: Foresthill, California
Amenities: Water, Restrooms

Stine Cove Recreation Area

Nestled on the banks of the picturesque Lake Isabella, this campsite is ideal for those seeking a quiet place to relax for a night, with fun for the kids right on your doorstep.

Location: Lake Isabella, California
Amenities: Restrooms

Wagon Wheel

An ideal spot for riding dirt bikes, quads and jeeps, this campsite is nestled amongst large boulders and is a great place to stop for a night or two of absolute peace and quiet.

Location: Trona, California
Amenities: Restrooms