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RV Rental Yosemite National Park

Jurnii RV Rentals offers expert, honest, and friendly advice on booking your RV rental in Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite National Park - RV Rental

Yosemite National Park is situated in the West Coast state of California and is visited by 3.7 million people each year. It is internationally recognized for its spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls, giant Sequoia groves and unique biological diversity.

View our National Park Guide to see why Yosemite National Park is one of the country's most visited natural attractions.

An RV rental is the perfect option for exploring Yosemite. An RV will give you the freedom to explore the stunning scenery at your own pace and leisure. An campervan rental vacation in Yosemite will give you the option to travel here all year round, while also giving you the independence to explore the park's most remote areas.

Discover more great reasons for taking an RV rental vacation in Yosemite by taking a look at our RV Guide.

So book your RV rental today and start discovering Yosemite National Park.

Map of Yosemite Park
Distances from Cities (miles)
San Francisco 191
Los Angeles 312
Las Vegas 484
Salt Lake City 753
Best Time to Visit
Yosemite is Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, except Hetch Hetchy Entrance Station, this is open only during daylight hours. Some roads going to Yosemite can also be closed due to snowfall.
Things to See and Do
Auto touring, Photography, Hiking, Biking, Birdwatching, Fishing, Horse riding, Rock climbing, Water activities, Winter activities
Crane Flat (209) 379-2123
Hodgdon Meadow (209) 372-0200
Lower Pines (209) 372-8502
North Pines (209)372-8502
Tuolumne Meadows (209)372-4025
Upper Pines (209)372-8502
Wawona Campground (209)375-9535